How To Issue A Combat Sheet

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How To Issue A Combat Sheet
How To Issue A Combat Sheet

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It is generally accepted that a combat leaflet is created, drawn up only in the armed forces. This is not true. If you do not go into its history and name, then the combat sheet can be drawn up in almost any organization, because its main advantage is a reflection of the life of the team.

How to issue a combat sheet
How to issue a combat sheet


Step 1

The creation of a combat leaflet is a creative process, so it would hardly be correct to assert that it must comply with some standards, however, as a kind of wall newspaper, it must meet a number of criteria:

- relevance;

- informativeness;

- accessibility and literacy;

- colorfulness;

- creativity.

Step 2

The combat leaflet must be up-to-date, therefore, as a rule, it is published once a week, or at least once a month. Before proceeding with its creation and design, it is necessary to decide which topic (event) will be the main one, which topics will be of a secondary nature. These topics should be important to most team members. It is more expedient to choose the most important topic for consideration as the main one and, best of all, if this one is the most discussed in the team. The main topic can be placed in the title of the leaflet, then it immediately attracts attention. Place an article on the main topic in the center of the sheet.

Step 3

All articles placed in the leaflet should not only carry a certain content, but also be informative so that people are interested in reading the leaflet. Information by itself does not mean anything if a person does not learn from it some information for himself personally, which he did not know before.

Step 4

The leaflet should be written in an accessible language. When writing articles, you should not operate with terms that are difficult to understand, because this is not a scientific work, but a simple statement of your vision of the situation. Articles must be compiled and written correctly, otherwise the leaflet itself may become news number 1 for the next leaflet.

Step 5

Naturally, the sheet should be colorfully decorated. Articles grab attention when you read them, and in order to attract attention to reading, you need to focus people's attention on the sheet itself. It should contain a sufficient number of photographs, drawings, applications will look quite colorful.

Of course, you need to be creative in creating. The people who compose the sheet and edit it must have at least at least the basics of artistic skill.

Step 6

It is worth taking a place in the piece of paper for a humorous heading. But you should clearly ridicule the shortcomings of your colleagues, so to speak, to concretize attention to the individual. Your task is to reflect the problem and suggest ways to solve it.

The most important thing is that the sheet should be a reflection of the life of the collective, complex, prosaic, funny, sad - as it is. It should not be turned into a leading article in a weekly news newspaper.

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