How To Compose A Journal

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How To Compose A Journal
How To Compose A Journal

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Accounting or registration logs are kept at the enterprise, in the accounting department, in the personnel department, in the office or in specialized departments. The magazine is an inventory book, numbered and laced, which reflects the movement of documents, production and business operations, including those associated with the write-off of property, funds, obligations. Often, the movement of funds and document circulation are confirmed in the journal by the signature of the responsible person.

How to compose a journal
How to compose a journal


Step 1

The journal of accounting or registration of the movement of funds and documents allows you to control the receipt of them by responsible persons. Therefore, it is an important tool for streamlining the work with documentation related to production processes and activities. It can be kept in a special notebook made by typographic method, or in an ordinary general notebook or book of account purchased from an office supply store.

Step 2

Number all pages of the magazine by signing the numbers at the bottom corners of the page. Use an awl to sew the magazine with a thin twine, tie its ends into a knot and secure them on the last page of the magazine by sticking paper on which is stamped “For documents” of your company. On top of the paper with the seal, make the inscription "There are so many pages numbered and laced in the magazine."

Step 3

Think over the form, the header of the magazine. Make it up in an arbitrary, but convenient form for employees. Mandatory headings for the form of your journal will be "Sequential number of the record", "Date", "Name of the operation or document", "Position of the person in charge", "Signature", decoding of the signature - surname and initials. You can add the titles you see fit.

Step 4

Set the width of the graph and the height of the lines taking into account the content, adjust them so that it is convenient to fill them in. So, the column "date" can be made narrower, but the column with the name of the operation or document is wider.

Step 5

The content of the logbook is repetitive and will be the same for each page. In order not to fill it out for each page, it will be convenient to write the contents of the columns on the first and last page spread of the magazine, and carefully trim the remaining sheets to the height of the header.

Step 6

On the front page of the magazine, make a nice inscription that reflects the essence of the content of this document. He will help you always trace the chronology and movement of paper documents or funds and control their finding with the performers.

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