How To Compose A Consumer Portrait

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How To Compose A Consumer Portrait
How To Compose A Consumer Portrait
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One of the most difficult elements of marketing activities is sociological research aimed at the initialization of the consumer and his requests. For the results of this analysis to be useful, all the nuances must be taken into account in the portrait of the consumer.

How to compose a consumer portrait
How to compose a consumer portrait

It is necessary

  • - sociological survey form
  • - a list of criteria of interest for the portrait of a consumer (for drawing up questions)


Step 1

Develop a survey form or revise the previous one. Pay special attention to the personal data provided by the interviewee. Most often, marketers are interested in the following information: age category, profession, employment (working or unemployed), etc. Information about average monthly earnings and education level is no less important, but the respondent may refuse to indicate this kind of data. At the same time, do not oversaturate the survey form with all the information that is needed. This can tire the consumer, who, having started filling out the sheet, tired of answering countless questions, will simply refuse to participate in the survey.

Step 2

Develop questions about the product or service provided by the company in such a way that they are succinct, and at the same time do not baffle the respondents. The best option for the questionnaire is a list of questions with ready-made answer options. They may concern not only the opinion of the consumer about the service, the quality of the product or service and the interior of the retail space or office. These questions may concern the respondents themselves. For example: “How often do you make purchases?”, “What groups of goods would you like to see in our store?”, “What services do you think is missing from the list of our company?”.

Step 3

Conduct a consumer survey with a new survey design. To do this, you need to select a responsible person in charge of the survey. Its task: to select interviewers from the employees of the enterprise, to hire trained employees or to contact specialized marketing agencies to hire trained personnel. If marketing research is carried out on the territory of the sales area, then it is more efficient to place survey points at the exit from the store or directly near the cash register. So, the consumer will be able to take part in the survey without looking up from purchases. The most accurate and timely data will be obtained if the survey is carried out by a specially trained group of people. There is also an alternative option when the survey form is provided to the consumer for self-filling at his discretion.

Step 4

Summarize the results of the survey and present its results in the form of a diagram based on the specified survey data.

Step 5

Instruct junior management to conduct a survey of employees who work with customers and consumers. Ask them for information about who most often uses certain services or purchases this or that product. Such issues can be resolved at daily or weekly briefings and work meetings. Based on their regular reports, the managerial staff will be able to draw up a portrait of consumers by category of goods and services.

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