How To Apply For A Passport

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How To Apply For A Passport
How To Apply For A Passport

Video: How To Apply For A Passport

Video: How To Apply For A Passport
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In addition to an impressive list of documents, you need to write an application to obtain a passport. So that it is accepted the first time, and the passport is issued without delay, it is important to fill out the form correctly.

How to apply for a passport
How to apply for a passport

It is necessary

  • - Form No. 1P;
  • - personal photographs 34x45 mm.


Step 1

Form No. 1P can be obtained from the passport office at the place of residence or stay. It must be submitted there in the completed form. Alternatively, you can use the form downloaded from the official website of the Federal Migration Service of Russia. It must be printed and filled in manually or executed on a computer, and only then displayed on a printer.

Step 2

On the first line of the form, in legible handwriting (if you are filling out the application manually), enter your personal data (last name, first name and patronymic). Write them in the nominative case. In the second paragraph of the application, indicate the date of birth in the format DD. MM. YYYY. In the third paragraph, write in your place of birth. In the fourth - floor. The data of the last three points must correspond to the data from the birth certificate (if the passport is issued for the first time) or from the passport to be replaced.

Step 3

If you are married, please check the fifth paragraph of your application. Indicate the name of your spouse, as well as the date and place of registration of the marriage. If you are free from family ties, write “Not a member” on this line.

Step 4

In the sixth paragraph of the application, indicate the surnames, names and patronymics of your parents. Upon the initial receipt of a passport, you will need to attach your birth certificate and a copy of it to the documents so that the passport office can verify the accuracy of the specified data.

Step 5

In the seventh paragraph of the application, write the exact address of your stay. Indicate the name of the region, district, city (settlement, village, village), street, as well as the house number (if necessary, also the building) and apartment.

Step 6

In the eighth paragraph, write "Not a member", if you have not previously had a foreign citizenship. If it was, indicate the date of your adoption into Russian citizenship. In the same place, note the reason why you are issuing a passport (reaching the age of 14, 20 or 45 years; change of personal data; inaccuracies in the previous document; loss or damage to the previous passport). Indicate the date of filling out the application just below and put your signature. Attach two personal photographs to the application (upon the initial receipt of a passport - 4) and, together with all documents, give it to the passport officer. The new passport will be ready within 10 days. If you issue it not at the place of residence, but at the place of stay, the processing time will be increased to two months.

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