How To Determine The Authenticity Of A Passport

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How To Determine The Authenticity Of A Passport
How To Determine The Authenticity Of A Passport

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The need to verify the authenticity of a personal document may arise not only for a police officer or bank employee issuing a loan. Ordinary citizens often have situations when it is necessary to be sure that this is the person in front of you, about whom his passport is written.

How to determine the authenticity of a passport
How to determine the authenticity of a passport


Step 1

Verify the authenticity of the passport on the website of the Federal Migration Service of Russia by entering its number and series in the required field. By the way, here it is easy to find information about whether the bearer of the document has a work permit or an invitation to enter our country. However, the fact that a document with such a set of numbers exists does not yet speak of its authenticity.

Step 2

Passports are rarely forged entirely; more often, attackers simply change photos or delete pages. Carefully study the page with the photo of the owner of the document - it is she who often issues fake passports. The methods of faking a page with a photo can be very different - from pasting a new photo on top of an old one, removing the old one and pasting a new one, to replacing the entire page. To make sure that the page is genuine, check the series and number on all pages of the document - of course, they must be the same. Pay attention to the size of the pages as well. If they were replaced in the document, the geometry will be broken. Take a closer look at the lamination in the photo: it should have the monogram "RF".

Step 3

Visually evaluate the passport, compare it with yours. Sizes, rounded pages, how many of them, how they are sewn, what threads are used, which pages are numbered, how the embossing is done - in this case, everything matters. Extraneous marks, records, stamps are excluded. It is clear that a passport with a note that it is subject to exchange is also recognized as invalid. Be sure to look to see if a watermark (monogram "RF") is visible on all the pages in the light of the paper.

Step 4

Since July 1, 2011, new passports have appeared in Russia. The main difference is that a field with information about the owner of the document has appeared under the photo. The machine-readable record encodes the number, series and expiration date of this passport, citizenship, date of birth, name, gender of the owner.

Step 5

Check the document for various inconsistencies and simple errors and typos. Analyze the stamps: it happens that a passport is issued by one department, but there is a stamp of another.

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