How To Check Dollars For Authenticity

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How To Check Dollars For Authenticity
How To Check Dollars For Authenticity

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Money has been counterfeited since it first appeared. Therefore, it is very useful to have some skills to distinguish a real bill from a fake one. The same applies to foreign currencies, in particular dollars, which are in active circulation.

How to check dollars for authenticity
How to check dollars for authenticity

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Step 1

The question "how to check dollars" is very relevant today, since many transactions are settled in this currency. Of course, it is best to use a bill detector if possible. You can learn to distinguish real dollars, knowing some of the signs of authenticity of bills. First, make sure you have an existing denomination of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, or 100 dollars.

Remember that bills of all denominations have the same dimensions 66, 6x156, 4 mm.

Step 2

Pay attention to the paper. Dollars are printed on special paper, mainly cotton and linen. Such paper is elastic, strong and rough, somewhat reminiscent of matter to the touch.

Step 3

The image on real American money does not fade or fade when exposed to liquid, since it is printed with high quality ink. If you rub the bill hard, the paint should remain intact, otherwise - in front of you are counterfeit dollars. If you look at the banknote from different angles, then the color of the number (denomination) in the lower corner will change from green to black.

Step 4

Try to remember which presidents are depicted on bills of different denominations. Fraudsters often "add value" to a bill by painting on zeros. Knowing the appearance of American money can help you out more than once. A watermark (a copy of the portrait) must be displayed next to the portrait, which is visible in the light, and on both sides of the bill.

Step 5

Take a close look at the portrait, or rather, the quality of its image. Portraits are very difficult to fake. Make sure that small details (hair, eyes) are well defined, there are no spots and distortions.

Step 6

Real dollars are distinguished from counterfeits by colored fibers - magnetic blotches on different parts of the banknote. They should go through the bill, and not be painted on its surface. However, sometimes the presence of fibers is imitated in very sophisticated ways, so it is very difficult to distinguish a banknote from a genuine one. When tested with ultraviolet light, silk fibers glow.

Step 7

Take a look at the serial number of letters and numbers: they should be the same size, even and distinct, and have the correct color.

Step 8

Don't forget to explore the other side of the dollar as well. It should be bright green and the image should be clear and free from defects.

Step 9

The mesh frame should be solid, clearly traced, uniform along the entire length.

Step 10

Look for additional signs. Make sure that the Treasury seal is rich in color, accurate reproduction of individual elements, and its teeth are uniform. If you have the opportunity to use a magnifying glass, make sure that the banknote is microprinted - the words "The United States of America", depicted on the lapel of the president's coat. Also, the portrait should have a small inscription "USA" and a number, depending on the denomination. For example, for one hundred dollars, this would be "USA 100".

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