How To Calculate The Length Of Your Vacation

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How To Calculate The Length Of Your Vacation
How To Calculate The Length Of Your Vacation

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According to Russian labor law, all people working under an employment contract are entitled to an annual paid leave of 28 calendar days. At the same time, the employer is obliged to retain the place of work and the amount of wages for the employee. The number of vacation days can be increased, for example, in the case of work with conditions that are harmful and hazardous to health. Rest can be granted after 6 months of continuous operation. How to calculate the number of days of vacation due?

How to calculate the length of your vacation
How to calculate the length of your vacation

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Step 1

First, it should be said that the employee's annual paid leave can be divided into parts, and one of them should not be less than 14 days. Also, when calculating vacation, non-working holidays should be excluded from it. They are not subject to payment.

Step 2

The first thing you need to do is determine the period for which the vacation is granted. The "starting point" is the first working day after employment, and if before that you have already used the prescribed vacation, then the first working day after the rest.

Step 3

Add up all the days you were at work. Add in days of absenteeism, weekends and holidays, and times when you were absent from work for a good reason for less than 14 days.

Step 4

According to the Labor Code, with the duration of the annual leave of 28 calendar days for each working month, the employee is entitled to 2.33 days of rest. This figure is obtained as follows: 28 days / 12 months = 2.33 days

Step 5

Thus, to calculate the number of days of vacation, multiply 2.33 by the number of months worked in the period. And what if the month is not fully worked out? In this case, you must round off the number, that is, if you have worked 15 or more days in a month, then include it in your seniority, and vice versa.

Step 6

For example, an employee worked for a company for six months, while in one month he was absent from the workplace for 10 days for a good reason. The leave, which is due to him for a year, is 28 calendar days. Thus, the calculation of the due rest will look like this: 6 months * 2, 33 days = 13, 98. According to Rostrud, the resulting number can only be rounded up. The employee is entitled to leave for 14 days.

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