What Is The Secret Of Adoption

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What Is The Secret Of Adoption
What Is The Secret Of Adoption

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Today, about 15% of married couples who dream of a child simply cannot fulfill their desire for medical reasons - poor ecology and other factors that negatively affect reproductive functions are affecting. The way out for such families is to adopt a baby at an early age in order to raise him as his own. It is understandable that the foster parents want to be perceived in this way by those around him.

What is the secret of adoption
What is the secret of adoption


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After adoption, many couples try to change their place of residence so that those around them do not know that the baby is not their own, and do not violate the secret of adoption. This right of adoptive parents is guaranteed by Article 139 of the Family Code of the Russian Federation, which is called “The Secret of Adopting a Child”. In it, the requirement to hide the existence of his biological parents from the adopted child is spelled out in the form of a law. Moreover, article 155 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation provides for criminal liability for people who divulge the secret of adoption, against the will of his adoptive parents. This article concerns those who, on duty, were obliged to hide the fact of adoption - workers of social services, medical institutions, orphanages.

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Currently, there are heated discussions about the child's right to know the truth. In the West, there is a long-standing practice when a baby knows that his mom and dad are adopted from an early age. With that large number of facts of adoption abroad, children brought up in foster families are a common occurrence. They are not perceived as something amazing, moreover, they are not discriminated against or bullied by their peers.

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Which, by the way, cannot be said about adopted children living in Russian families. Therefore, it is believed that violation of this secret against the will of the adoptive parents may contradict their interests and, most importantly, the interests of the child. The law provides for the opportunity for adoptive parents to independently decide whether to tell their adopted son or daughter about it. This difficult question is the prerogative of only those who have taken responsibility for the baby and, by default, love him and act, guided by this feeling.

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In this case, the law provides everything so that the disclosure of the secret of adoption depends only on the will of the adoptive parents. To this end, family law stipulates special measures to help preserve this secret. At the request of adoptive parents, in whose family a child under 1 year old has appeared, the date and place of birth may be changed in his birth certificate. However, changing the date is possible within only 3 months. In exceptional cases, when the court has permission to do so, a new birth certificate may be issued to a child over 1 year of age. In this case, the changes concern not only the date of birth, but also the date on which the birth certificate is registered in the civil registry.

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