How To Write A Resume For An Accountant

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How To Write A Resume For An Accountant
How To Write A Resume For An Accountant

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Currently, the profession of an accountant is the most widespread of all economic specialties. And this is no accident. After all, no company can exist without an accountant. Therefore, the requirements for the person keeping records at the enterprise are now quite high. Often the choice of a specialist depends on a well-written resume.

How to write a resume for an accountant
How to write a resume for an accountant


Step 1

If you are planning to get a position not in any particular organization, but are sending your resume to a recruiting agency, then you need to draw up a universal resume that can interest almost any employer. If you want to get a job in a specific company, it is better if your resume will meet its needs.

Step 2

With regard to education, many employers do not pay too much attention to the prestige of the university completed by the applicant. As you know, the main criterion for selecting an accountant for a company is the availability of professional skills and work experience. Of course, young specialists who have just graduated from a university should definitely indicate achievements and successes during the period of study, as well as provide information about the place of internship and functional responsibilities at this time. Experienced accountants, in addition to basic education, should indicate the availability of certificates confirming the completion of courses, participation in seminars.

Step 3

Further, it is imperative to provide information about the existing work experience. This is the most important and voluminous section of the resume. Be sure to indicate all the places where you held the position of an accountant, do not forget about the industry affiliation of the enterprises, because each of them has its own peculiarities of accounting.

Step 4

In addition, write about the length of the period of work, and, if possible, the reasons for the dismissal. Often this question is of great interest to the employer. Therefore, it can be easily removed, indicating that you left your previous job because the salary ceased to correspond to the volume of work performed, it was not paid on time, or there was no further opportunity to move along the career path.

Step 5

Indicate in your resume and your functional responsibilities, in which particular area of ​​accounting you worked, whether you took part in the preparation of reports. If, for example, you performed the duties of the chief accountant in his absence, but this is not indicated in the work book, be sure to note this fact in your resume.

Step 6

As for work skills, it will not be superfluous to provide information about your computer skills, especially a text and spreadsheet editor, the Internet, and e-mail. Most employers pay attention to the accountant's ability to work with the programs "Consultant Plus", "1C: Accounting", "Info-accountant", "Bank-client" and others.

Step 7

It is good if the company where you worked before successfully passed tax and audit audits. Usually such a specialist is well versed in tax legislation. If you want to get a place in an international company, you must indicate the degree of proficiency in a foreign language, as well as experience with international financial reporting standards.

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