How To Write An Explanatory Note For Illness

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How To Write An Explanatory Note For Illness
How To Write An Explanatory Note For Illness

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An explanatory memorandum is an information document for official use, which is drawn up by a subordinate and addressed to the immediate supervisor. As a rule, the explanatory notes contain factual information explaining the employee's act that runs counter to labor discipline. So, an employee who does not show up for work due to illness must draw up a corresponding note to the manager.

How to write an explanatory letter for illness
How to write an explanatory letter for illness


Step 1

When composing an explanatory note, keep in mind that its text can be arbitrary, but the general design must comply with the generally accepted standard. Check with the company's accounting department if the organization has any special requirements for such documents. Ask if you will need to register the note.

Step 2

On a white sheet of A4 format (if the company has a standard form for an explanatory note, use it) type or write by hand in the header (title) the position and full name of the manager to whom the explanatory letter is addressed, enter your data below in the same format. In the middle of the sheet, write the name of the document: Explanatory note, then proceed to fill in the main part.

Step 3

State in the first part of the note the factual component of the case, namely the absence in the workplace of such and such a number (or from such and such to such and such). In the second part, describe the reason for the violation of labor discipline: going to the doctor, calling the ambulance at home, hospitalization, and so on. Indicate the name of the disease. According to ethical standards, you do not need to go into details, but the general name must be present, for example: viral infection, chronic gastrointestinal disease, autoimmune disease, cancer.

Step 4

Make a note at the end of the sickness note that documentary evidence of your words (sick leave) is attached. If the reason for the absence from the workplace was the child's illness, also attach his sick leave to the explanatory note. In the event that the required document is not on hand, describe the reason for the absence of a sick leave and indicate the date when this sheet will be submitted to the accounting department. Include a number and a handwritten signature on the note, even if the text itself was typed on a computer. Show the note to the secretary, where it will be assigned a registration number.

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