How To Send On Vacation At Your Own Expense

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How To Send On Vacation At Your Own Expense
How To Send On Vacation At Your Own Expense

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Often times in life there are situations when it is impossible to plan in advance the mode of work and rest. In such cases, the employee has the right, upon agreement with the employer, to receive leave without preserving the average wage.

How to send on vacation at your own expense
How to send on vacation at your own expense


Step 1

Take a free-form application from an employee wishing to take unpaid short-term leave. In it, the employee indicates the reason for granting him an extraordinary vacation, its duration and terms. Usually the employee uses the wording “for family reasons”. In this case, the leave will be granted to him in agreement with the management of the organization, which, when considering the application and talking with the employee, may refuse the latter to issue such a leave. There are a number of cases stipulated by law in which the employer does not have the right to refuse the employee to provide leave at his own expense. These include:

- birth of a child;

- Marriage registration;

- death of close relatives. There are also categories of citizens who have the right to compulsory unpaid leave at their request during the year:

- participants of the Second World War;

- working pensioners;

- working people with disabilities;

- parents and spouses of military personnel who died in the performance of military duties. The application from the employee must be accepted no later than three days before the expected start date of the vacation.

Step 2

Prepare a draft order for granting an employee unpaid leave. In the order, indicate the start and end dates of the vacation, its duration in calendar days. After signing the order by the head of the organization, familiarize the employee with the text of the order against signature.

Step 3

Submit to the accounting department a copy of the order for calculating wages for the current month, minus the payment of the days included in the unpaid leave.

Step 4

Fill out the timesheet for an employee who goes on vacation at your own expense. In this case, mark "OZ" in the report card.

Step 5

Fill in the information in the appropriate columns in the personal card of the T-2 employee, indicating the time and duration of the leave without keeping the average wage.

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