How To Find A Job With No Experience In 30 Years

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How To Find A Job With No Experience In 30 Years
How To Find A Job With No Experience In 30 Years

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People of all ages are concerned about employment issues. They are looking for work at the age of 20, 30, and 40. It was during Soviet times that one could work all his life at one enterprise, but today very few people succeed in doing this. And so people have to periodically look for a new job. It is especially difficult for those who have no experience, or he is very small. And what to do if the age is already quite mature. For example, how can you find a job at 30 without experience? To some, this seems impossible.

Find a job at 30 with no experience? It is possible
Find a job at 30 with no experience? It is possible


Step 1

You can find a job at either 30 or 40 years old, even without some experience. Another thing is that it will take a lot of effort and nerves to find it. If you do not have a specific education, there are now many vacancies offered where neither experience nor education is required. For example, handymen, movers, kitchen workers, janitors, etc. Of course, you don't really have to count on a good salary and career growth in such a job. But, nevertheless, such options also have a right to exist.

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2. If you have an education, but for some reason you did not work on it (for example, the birth and further upbringing of a baby), then take refresher courses, remember what you may be required to do in such a job. Then find firms that work in your industry and submit your resume there. You should not immediately apply for a high position, no one will take you there anyway, but you can try to get a job as an assistant or trainee with the prospect of professional growth. And don't let your age confuse you. 30 years is not that long. And if all the time that you were sitting at home, you were regularly interested in news in your field of activity and know about all the changes in this area, then this will be your plus. In addition, people at the age of 30 are more responsible and serious, and the employer may be less afraid of some spontaneous actions, so inherent in younger people.

Step 3

Be proactive in your job search. Do not expect that if you have sent your resume, you will be called back immediately. Call yourself. If the company is close to you, you can go there in person and offer your services. Look for work on advertisements in newspapers, magazines, on the Internet. Sometimes you need to call dozens of companies before you find the right option. Therefore, you need to be ready for this and not despair, if luck has not smiled at you yet.

Step 4

It may happen that you have a job, but it does not suit you. And at the age of 30 you decide to change your life, to get a new specialty. It is clear that after graduation you will not have experience. What to do then? Before choosing which profession to master, study the labor market, see which specialties are most in demand today, for which of them you will be more likely to find a job. And, based on this data, choose which courses to finish, or which educational institution to enroll in. Only even if you find a job immediately afterwards, you need to be prepared that very few employers will pay high salaries. But if you recommend yourself as a good specialist who understands your business, you constantly develop and improve in your profession, then you will gradually be able to achieve good career heights.

Step 5

Talk to your family, acquaintances and friends. Perhaps one of them will help you find a job. Moreover, in this way you can find a job with a decent salary and good working conditions. Only if you were hired according to someone else's recommendations, then do not let this person and yourself down, since you will have to work yourself. And if the quality of your work does not suit the management of the company, then no amount of connections will help you keep your position.

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