How To Attract A Client To A Firm

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How To Attract A Client To A Firm
How To Attract A Client To A Firm

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To attract a client, you need to grab their attention, arouse interest, form a desire and induce action - invite them to your firm. And do it all in a competitive environment. This is the usual sales formula, only it is not a product / service that is sold, but an appeal to a company. According to copywriter and marketer Gary Halbert, far more than 75% of success depends on the first part of the formula. Therefore, we will devote more time to how to attract the client's attention to the marketing message. The message itself can be in the form of an advertisement in a newspaper, a sign on a store, etc.

First you need to get attention
First you need to get attention


Step 1

Call out the customers you are interested in. Imagine a plumber walking through the city. There are many people around who are not plumbers. And then a sign appears with the words "Especially for Plumbers." Most likely, this person will stop and others will pass by. You can call out to the right customers in the title of a magazine article, and through the design of the storefront, and on the cover of a book. The customer's attention is drawn, you can continue to use the sales formula

Step 2

Create a title. This also applies to letters, and store signs, and discount cards. Pay attention to newspapers that sell in millions of copies. They have exciting headlines. Collect them and adapt the techniques to your situation. Let no one make headlines where you do. The main thing is to grab the attention of a potential client.

Step 3

Post pictures of beautiful people. Beautiful, healthy people are eye-catching. This technique must be used with caution in the context of the product being sold.

Step 4

Show the shark. Gary Halbert in one of the issues of the mailing list talked about a scuba diver. Imagine that you are sailing, looking at the beauty of the underwater world. And then a shark appears. Your attention will be wholly focused on her. Show the "shark" to potential clients.

Step 5

Make an undeniable claim. If you say that "acne causes physical and emotional distress," you will agree. A person with acne will be waiting for what's next. His focus is entirely on your marketing message. It was with this phrase that the successful advertising campaign, which Stephen Scott talks about in the book "Millionaire's Notebook", began.

Step 6

Make a surprise statement. "The end of the world will come in 10 days." You've probably come across phrases that grab people's attention. Of course, do not use stupid and unproven expressions so that you are not considered a cheater.

Step 7

Submit an amazing benefit newsletter. "Programmers figured out how to do without antivirus software." People have a need for news. Satisfy it for the benefit of the company.

Step 8

Ask a question. "Have you lost weight already?" The question always attracts attention.

Step 9

Show someone who is well known and loved by everyone. It is important that he does not become familiar in other advertisements.

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