How To Hire A Citizen Of Ukraine

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How To Hire A Citizen Of Ukraine
How To Hire A Citizen Of Ukraine
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The procedure for hiring citizens of Ukraine is exactly the same as for citizens of all other CIS countries who do not need a visa to enter the Russian Federation, except for citizens of Belarus, who are equated in rights with Russians. The sequence of your actions depends on whether the Ukrainian who is applying for a job solves his housing problem or with your help. Current legislation allows him to issue a work permit without your participation. And for the employer, if necessary, register the foreign worker with the migration registration in the premises, which are officially considered non-residential.

How to hire a citizen of Ukraine
How to hire a citizen of Ukraine

It is necessary

  • - an internal passport of a citizen of Ukraine or an international passport with a notarized translation into Russian;
  • - migration card;
  • - tear-off coupon of notification of migration registration;
  • - documents for the right to dispose of the premises (when providing a foreigner with housing);
  • - power of attorney (when registering a foreigner for migration registration in your territory);
  • - work permit;
  • - a color photo of a foreigner for a work permit (if he does not draw up it himself);
  • - receipt of payment of state duty (with the help of a foreigner in obtaining a work permit);
  • - an employment contract with a foreign worker;
  • - the form of the Russian work book;
  • - application for a job;
  • - forms of notifications to the tax, the Federal Migration Service and the employment service.


Step 1

If you provide a Ukrainian with housing (including in non-residential premises), the responsibility for registering him with the migration registration lies with you. Within three days from the moment of his arrival, you must contact the territorial division of the FMS at the location of the premises provided.

In the FMS, you need to bring the Ukrainian passport (if he has a passport, he will have to take care of a notarized translation), his migration card, documents confirming the organization's right to dispose of the premises where the Ukrainian will live, and a power of attorney to carry out actions on behalf of the company to place foreign workers on migration registration.

Step 2

The next step in legalizing a Ukrainian will be to issue him a work permit in a constituent entity of the Federation at the location of your organization.

Under the current legislation, this procedure is more of a notification rather than a permissive nature. So, if all the documents are in order, they should not refuse.

The FMS needs to provide an internal passport of a Ukrainian or his international passport with a notarized translation, a migration card with a mark on migration registration, a color photo, a completed application and a receipt for payment of state duty (in 2011, 1 thousand rubles).

Step 3

The permit will be ready within 10 days after the documents are received. But that's not all.

Foreign workers must undergo a medical examination within a month after receiving this document. The addresses of medical institutions where this can be done will be prompted by the FMS.

If, within 30 days after obtaining a work permit, the medical certificate does not reach the FMS, this document will be automatically canceled. So it is in your interests to make sure that a citizen of Ukraine who is applying for a job will do everything on time.

Step 4

If a Ukrainian has solved all the issues with residence, migration registration and registration of a work permit on his own, he must provide you with a work permit.

Do not be lazy to check this document using the official website of the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation. There is a special service for this.

The information given out by them is for reference only. So if a fake is detected, make an official request to the regional department of the Federal Migration Service. It will need to indicate the same data as entered in the online form. The answer will come in handy if the Ukrainian decides to appeal against the refusal to work in court.

Step 5

Further, if everything is in order with the resolution, the sequence of actions is standard. It is necessary to conclude an employment contract with the employee, ask him to write an application for employment, make an entry for him in the work book. If he does not have a Russian work book, you will have to get one.

If this is his first job in Russia, it will also be necessary to register him with a branch of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation and issue a certificate of state pension insurance.

Step 6

You must also notify the tax inspectorate, the Federal Migration Service and the employment center within three days of admission to the state or registration of a Ukrainian under a contract. In all these organizations, it is necessary to carry or send by mail the completed forms of the established form.

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