How To Get A NAKS Certificate

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How To Get A NAKS Certificate
How To Get A NAKS Certificate

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Often the key to a successful repair or construction is correct welding work. For this, the qualifications of a welder must be confirmed by a special document - a certificate issued by the National Association for Control and Welding (NAKS). How can a qualified welder obtain this document?

How to get a NAKS certificate
How to get a NAKS certificate

It is necessary

  • - attestation application;
  • - diploma or education certificate;
  • - a copy of the work book;
  • - two photos.


Step 1

Prepare the required documents. To do this, in the organization where you work, request an application for your certification as a welder. It should indicate what kind of work you are specifically doing, what types of equipment you use at the same time, are there any dangerous mechanisms among them. The application must be made in two copies, one of which remains in the personnel department. Also, order a certified copy of the work record book from the HR department. It must be numbered, and on each page of the copy there must be the seal of the organization, the inscription "Copy is correct", the date of certification, the last name, first name and patronymic of the responsible employee, as well as his personal signature. Also take two passport-size photographs.

Step 2

Come with all the documents to the NAKS department at your place of work. It can be found by going to the site of the NAKS of your region in the section "Attestation points".

Step 3

Get a practical assignment at the certification point and complete it correctly. Then give it to NAKS specialists for verification.

Step 4

Take a practice exam. It includes the knowledge and skills that were indicated in your enterprise's application for certification. Also pass the second stage of the test - the theory exam.

Step 5

If your results meet the standards, a NAKS employee will inform you about this. After that, the employee of your enterprise-employer must receive your certificate of achievement of professional level.

Step 6

If it turns out that your practical or theoretical knowledge does not correspond to the level of obtaining certification by the NAKS, in the same organization you can take advanced training courses.

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