How To Get A Vacation Without Pay

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How To Get A Vacation Without Pay
How To Get A Vacation Without Pay

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A situation often arises when you urgently need free time to solve your personal problems. And then, when the planned next vacation is not yet soon or has already been used, there is only one thing left - to take a vacation without pay. How to arrange it correctly?

How to get a vacation without pay
How to get a vacation without pay


Step 1

It is a mistake to assume that you can take vacation days without pay at any time and for any period. In addition to your personal problems, there are production interests. Indeed, during the period when you are resting, the work does not stand still, someone has to do it. That is why it is necessary to have a valid excuse to receive unpaid leave. Article 128 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation describes all cases when such leave must be provided by the employer without fail.

Step 2

In all other cases, you should contact your line manager with a written application for unpaid leave. It is written in freehand in the name of the director (chief) of the company. In the application, indicate the reason why you need a vacation. If you limit yourself to a general phrase (for example, for family reasons), verbally explain what exactly the problem is. After all, the decision of the director of the company depends on whether your immediate supervisor agrees with the application.

After receiving the approval, the application must be signed by the general director (chief).

Step 3

Based on the signed application, the personnel service will prepare an order of the unified form T-6. Only by signing the order, you can be sure that absence from the workplace will not be perceived by the employer as absenteeism.

Step 4

When you start taking long-term unpaid leave (today this is possible by agreement between the employee and the employer), you need to be aware of its effect on the length of the vacation year. The length of service, which gives the right to the next vacation (vacation year), includes unpaid leave of no more than 14 calendar days during the year.

For example, an employee has a vacation year from 06.11.2009 to 05.11.2010. During the year, he twice took leave without pay: 16k.d. + 21k days, total - 37k days Of these, only 14 are included in the vacation year. As a result, 23k.dn. must be deducted from the vacation year. Thus, it will be calculated from 06.11.2009 to 28.11.2010.

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