How To Write A Claim To A Travel Agency

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How To Write A Claim To A Travel Agency
How To Write A Claim To A Travel Agency

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After returning home from a badly spent vacation, you can write a claim to the travel agency, due to which the vacation was ruined. A properly written claim will help you speed up the dispute resolution process and avoid further problems.

How to write a claim to a travel agency
How to write a claim to a travel agency

It is necessary

A4 sheet, pen, computer


Step 1

Before filing a claim, collect evidence confirming the agency's unfair performance of the clauses of the contract. These can be photographs, receipts, receipts, certificates, a price list on the hotel's letterhead about the cost of rooms.

Step 2

Write your claim in duplicate, one will be with you, the other with the defendant. According to article 10 of the law "On the basics of tourist activities in the Russian Federation", submit a claim to the tour operator in writing, within twenty days from the date of expiration of the contract. It must be reviewed within 10 days of receipt.

Step 3

First, write to whom the claim is addressed, for example, the general director, director of the company. Indicate the name of the defendant, the address of the company and the telephone number. Next, write your address, phone number, full name.

Step 4

In the text of the claim, it is necessary to indicate the essence of the matter, that is, what you specifically did not like in the actions of the company. Indicate what was originally booked, then what was ultimately suggested. List employees who did not perform their duties well, as well as those who tried to help you. Refer to the provisions of the current legislation, which are contrary to the actions of the company and its employees.

Step 5

Having stated all the circumstances, proceed to the requirements. Usually, in a claim, they begin after the word PLEASE. For example, to pay the amount of material damage and a claim to compensate for moral damage. According to Article 6 of the Federal Law "On the Basics of Tourist Activities in the Russian Federation", in cases of non-fulfillment of the terms of the contract by the travel agency or tour operator, the tourist has the right to compensation for moral damage and damages.

Step 6

Sign the claim and put the date it was submitted to the travel agency. Make sure that the claim is recorded in the documentation log. In the absence of the magazine, receive a receipt from the person who accepted the claim. The receipt is drawn up on a copy of the claim, must contain the name of the employee, his signature, position and date. If the claim is not accepted for consideration, file a claim in court.

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