How To Respond To A Job Offer

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How To Respond To A Job Offer
How To Respond To A Job Offer

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A job offer is a business letter and requires a response, regardless of whether you intend to accept or reject the opportunities described in it. In your response to an offer, you can tactfully refuse, agree, or ask for clarification about the job offered, responsibilities, salary, or moving to another city.

How to respond to a job offer
How to respond to a job offer


Step 1

Thank the author of the letter and the company he represents for honoring you and choosing your person as a potential employee. Remember that job offers are only sent to individuals of strategic interest to the organization; they are not sent to secretaries or couriers. Appreciate this attitude towards you.

Step 2

Inform the employer about the exact date when you can start your duties in the organization if you fully agree with the conditions listed in the letter. Usually it prescribes the position, level of subordination, employee responsibilities, salary, bonus system and social package. If you have no questions or objections, write about it in your answer, based on the proposal, the company will prepare an employment contract. Often a document requiring acceptance is sent as an offer of cooperation. By signing it on time, you automatically agree to the proposed terms, in which case you don't have to write a response.

Step 3

Ask for clarification of the conditions you do not understand (if any), written in the job offer, for example, the payment system in options that you would be happy to consider. Of course, you should not persuade a potential employer to add another zero to the amount of salary, but if it comes to moving to another city, settling formalities at the previous place of work, then you can insist on your own. The wishes agreed by you and the company will be entered into the form of an employment contract.

Step 4

Refuse an offer in a polite manner if you cannot accept it. Do not describe the reasons why you decided so, use general phrases "for family reasons", "currently I do not plan to change jobs."

Step 5

Express your gratitude at the end of the letter and wish the author of the job offer and the company he represents well-being and prosperity. Sign and date.

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