How To Issue A Newsletter

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How To Issue A Newsletter
How To Issue A Newsletter

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One of the types of business letters is a newsletter. It is addressed to the partners of the company and must contain comprehensive information about the recipient's notification object. Often such a document is a response letter, materials are attached to it, which consist of information delivered to the addressee.

How to issue a newsletter
How to issue a newsletter

It is necessary

  • - documents of the enterprise;
  • - information that should be conveyed to the addressee;
  • - details of the recipient;
  • - rules of office work.


Step 1

The upper left corner of the newsletter should contain the name of the company that wishes to convey certain information to the recipient. Enter the full address of the location of the company, contact phone number. If the company has a stamp, then you should put it, since it consists of all the necessary details. Indicate the date of the letter, its outgoing number. As a rule, the information letter is a response to the request letter. In this case, write the number and date of the incoming document.

Step 2

The upper right corner should contain information about the addressee. If the information letter is addressed to the head of a certain company, indicate his personal information, job title, company name and full address of his location with a zip code.

Step 3

Enter the subject of the newsletter. For example, a meeting or a new product launch. The substantive part of the letter consists of information, information that should be conveyed to the recipient. It should begin with the words: "We bring you to your attention …", "We inform you about …", "We inform you about …". It depends on what the purpose of the response letter is, which should be briefly described in the document and include the necessary data.

Step 4

As a rule, materials must be attached to the newsletter. These can be price lists, flyers, contracts and other documents. The name of the attachments should be indicated at the end of the letter, as well as the number of sheets of the attached materials.

Step 5

You need to finish the newsletter with the words: "Yours faithfully …" and the like. Next, the position, personal data of the sole executive body, his deputy or clerk are entered. One of the listed persons (depending on who is authorized to write and send business letters to the company) puts his signature, indicates his contact phone number.

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