How To Issue A Director's Vacation Order

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How To Issue A Director's Vacation Order
How To Issue A Director's Vacation Order
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The head of the organization, like any other employee, has the right to annual paid leave. It is provided to him on the same grounds as to other employees. The personnel staff may have a lot of questions regarding the design. After all, as you know, all orders for granting leave are signed by the director himself. And who will sign it to him?

How to issue a director's vacation order
How to issue a director's vacation order


Step 1

Initially, when determining a vacation for the CEO, it is worth looking at the organization's charter. The thing is that some in this document prescribe the conditions for granting vacation to the main person of the company. If you see that the vacation is granted with the permission of the meeting of the members of the company, then the vacation application must be written to the name of the chairman of the meeting.

Step 2

In the event that such a situation is not spelled out anywhere, there is no need to write a statement to the head. But, nevertheless, the personnel department.

Step 3

The CEO, like any other employee, should be included in the vacation schedule. When leaving for the proper rest, it is advisable to appoint a deputy. It is good if there is a person in the organization to replace him, but if not?

Step 4

In this case, a responsible person is appointed by the order of the General Director. Remember that choosing such a person must be approached responsibly, because when you go on vacation, you entrust your business to another person.

Step 5

If the decision on vacation is made by the meeting, then the deputy is chosen by the participants. All this is documented in a protocol (decision), where everyone puts their signatures.

Step 6

It is impossible to avoid and drawing up an order (instruction) for the provision of leave (form No. T-6). The order can be signed by the chairman of the meeting. In the other case, no matter how absurd it may sound, the head must sign himself, and put a second signature in the line “familiarized”.

Step 7

All documents are transferred to personnel workers, and there they are already in the accounting department, where accruals are made. Like any other employee, the CEO's vacation pay must be paid three days before leaving for the required vacation.

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