How To Issue A Vacation Order In

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How To Issue A Vacation Order In
How To Issue A Vacation Order In

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If you want to issue an order for granting leave in the program "1C: Salary and Personnel Management", then remember that in all cases, except for parental leave, the leave is registered in the program with the document "Leave of organizations".

How to issue a vacation order
How to issue a vacation order


Step 1

In the header of your document, indicate:

- In the item "Organization" - the name of the organization whose employees need to be granted leave.

- In the "Responsible" item - indicate the person responsible for entering the document into the information base (usually this column is filled in by default from the user settings).

Step 2

You and other employees who are granted leave must fill out the tabular section of the document. Indicate in it:

In the item "Employee" - an employee of the organization who is granted leave.

Step 3

If an employee goes on long-term leave and it is supposed to take another employee in his place, then check the "Release rate" checkbox.

Step 4

In the column titled "Type of vacation", select one of the items - annual, educational, unpaid, or no pay.

Step 5

Select "Annual Leave" if the employee is granted primary or additional annual leave.

Step 6

"Study leave" is selected when an employee is granted paid study leave. Unpaid study leave - in this case, study leave is not paid.

Step 7

Unpaid leave - selected if the employee is granted unpaid leave without pay.

Step 8

In the columns "from" and "to" - the dates on which the leave must be granted.

Step 9

If annual leave is granted, then indicate the beginning and end of the working year for which the leave will be granted.

Step 10

The "remind" checkbox is set if you need to register a reminder (personnel event) when registering this document to issue a refund after the vacation. If you do not check this box, then after the vacation expires, the employee will be considered “working” without returning to work.

Step 11

If you are granted additional annual leave, then mark it as additional.

Step 12

Use the "Print" button to form the printed form of the order in the form of T-6 and T-6a.

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