How To Re-register Land As Property

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How To Re-register Land As Property
How To Re-register Land As Property

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In order to engage in the re-registration of land into ownership, you must first prepare a certain package of documents. Among the documents that must be provided when re-registering land in ownership include a copy of your passport, a copy of a document confirming your right to use a plot of land, which is registered in ownership and a cadastral plan of the plot.

How to re-register land as property
How to re-register land as property

It is necessary

passport, title documents


Step 1

If the cadastral passport for the site has not been previously issued and the local real estate supervisory authorities do not have data on the basis of which the cadastral plan is issued, it will be necessary to conduct a land survey and draw up the relevant documents before applying for registration of ownership.

Step 2

To obtain a cadastral plan, a land survey is carried out. Land surveying can be performed by commercial organizations licensed for this type of activity. Currently, such organizations are widely represented on the real estate market. After carrying out a land survey and receiving a cadastral plan, you can apply for re-registration of the site into ownership.

Step 3

Initially, a package of documents must be submitted to local authorities along with an application for the granting of ownership of the land plot. Based on the results of the consideration, an act or resolution is issued confirming your right to re-register the land as ownership.

Step 4

This act, the cadastral plan of the site and, if there are buildings on the site, the corresponding documentation for them should be attached to the application and submitted to the local department of the FRS (Federal Registration Service). Based on the documents provided, you will be issued a certificate of registration of ownership of land. The deadline for receiving this document is one calendar month.

Step 5

each citizen to re-register one piece of land that was previously in use by him (Article 20, Clause 5). Thus, such a site is issued free of charge, only the corresponding state fees are subject to payment. In all other cases, the cost of a plot is calculated based on the value of a unit of land established by local authorities, intended for use for one purpose or another.

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