What Documents Are Needed To Obtain A TIN

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What Documents Are Needed To Obtain A TIN
What Documents Are Needed To Obtain A TIN

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A taxpayer identification number or TIN is assigned to citizens of the Russian Federation when it becomes necessary to collect tax from them. Any citizen of the Russian Federation can obtain a TIN certificate on request from the tax office.

TIN certificate
TIN certificate

It is necessary

It is quite easy to get a TIN. Contact your local tax office. You will only need to have your passport and a copy of your passport with you


Step 1

Passport. This is the main document of a citizen of the Russian Federation, and, in fact, only it will be needed when obtaining a TIN. Each citizen, starting from the age of 14, can independently obtain a TIN if necessary. If your passport does not contain information about your registration, then you will also need a document confirming your place of residence.

Step 2

Copy of the passport. Make sure you have a copy of your passport with you, you will need it. It is better to do it in duplicate at once. If you do not have a copy with you, then you either have to look for where to make it, or they will make it to the tax office, but at exorbitant prices.

Step 3

Application in the form №2-2. This form will be given to you already in the tax office, there are also samples to fill out.

Step 4

If you changed your last name during marriage, take your marriage certificate and a copy with you.

Step 5

To obtain a TIN for a minor child who has not yet turned 14 years old, you will need: the passport of the child's parent or legal representative and a copy of the passport, birth certificate of the child. If the certificate does not indicate the child's citizenship, then a document confirming the citizenship is needed.

Step 6

You can get the TIN within 5 working days after submitting the application. TIN is issued free of charge. If the TIN certificate was lost, then a fee will have to be paid to restore it.

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