What Is The Threat Of A Bribe

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What Is The Threat Of A Bribe
What Is The Threat Of A Bribe
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Taking a bribe can be punishable by a fine, forced labor, or imprisonment for a specified period. The same types of punishments are established for giving a bribe, however, when this crime is committed, there is a possibility of exemption from liability.

What is the threat of a bribe
What is the threat of a bribe


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Taking and giving a bribe is a criminal offense. The main types of punishment for these crimes are fines, forced labor and imprisonment. As an additional type of punishment for accepting a bribe, the deprivation of the right to hold certain positions may follow.

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The usual receipt of a bribe for the commission of any action may entail the imposition of a fine, the amount of which will exceed the amount of the bribe itself by 25-50 times. As an alternative to a fine, the court can order forced labor (up to 5 years), imprisonment (up to 3 years). When imposing forced labor, an additional punishment is applied in the form of deprivation of the right to hold certain positions, and when imprisonment is imposed, in the form of a fine exceeding the amount of a bribe 20 times.

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The above types of punishment are toughened in the event that a bribe was received in a significant or especially large amount (150 thousand and 1 million rubles, respectively). In addition, a more severe punishment is imposed when receiving a bribe for committing illegal actions, in the presence of preliminary extortion, a group of individuals or an organized group. Also, officials who hold government positions in the Russian Federation are punished more severely.

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Ordinary bribe-giving is also punishable by a multiple fine, the amount of which exceeds the bribe by 15-30 times. Alternative types of punishment in this case are identical to those imposed upon receipt of a bribe, however, the term and amount of these punishments are somewhat reduced. So, instead of a fine, three years of forced labor or two years of imprisonment with a fine 10 times exceeding the amount of the bribe transferred can be imposed.

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The commission of such an act by a group of persons, an organized group, on a significant or especially large scale, significantly aggravates the punishment for giving a bribe. In addition, more strict liability is provided for those who give a bribe for illegal actions.

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The person who gave the bribe can be relieved of responsibility if he contributes to the disclosure of this crime, and also informs about its commission immediately after the transfer of funds. If the message is not followed, then release from liability is allowed in case of extortion of a bribe by an official, although the condition on the interaction of the bribe giver with the investigation remains unchanged.

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