How To Issue A Copy Of A Work Book

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How To Issue A Copy Of A Work Book
How To Issue A Copy Of A Work Book

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For a loan and other purposes, an employee can request a copy of the work book. A copy is made by the director or other responsible person appointed by the order (order) of the head. The document is properly certified, issued to a specialist against receipt. Each page of a copy of the employee's labor activity document contains special inscriptions, without which it is invalid.

How to issue a copy of a work book
How to issue a copy of a work book

It is necessary

  • - application form;
  • - order form;
  • - Employee's work book;
  • - company's stamp;
  • - documents of the organization.


Step 1

To obtain a copy of the work book, the employee writes a statement that is addressed to the director of the company. In the substantive part of the document, a request is prescribed for the issuance of a photocopy of the main document on the labor activity of the specialist who performs the duties, according to the contract. The application states the reason why a copy of the work book was needed. This can be, for example, a presentation to a bank in order to obtain a loan.

Step 2

Accept a statement from the employee. The director affixes the approval visa.

Step 3

Make an order. In the grounds for issuing the order, write the employee's statement. Indicate as the reason, for example, presentation to the bank in order to obtain a loan. The subject of the document in this case is the certification and issuance of a copy of the work book. Place the responsibility for the execution of the order on the person who leads, fills out the documents on the work activity of the employee. As a rule, this is a personnel officer.

Step 4

Certify the order with the director's signature. Familiarize with the order of the employee, personnel worker against receipt.

Step 5

Make photocopies of each page of the work book, including the title page, drawn up in accordance with the rules for maintaining documents on employment. Certify each sheet of the copy with the words “True” or “Copy True”.

Step 6

Then write your last name, initials, titles. Sign yourself personally. On the last page of the copy of the specialist's work book, which contains the admission record, write the following phrase: "Works to the present", then certify it as indicated above.

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