How To Issue An Insert In A Work Book

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How To Issue An Insert In A Work Book
How To Issue An Insert In A Work Book

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The insert in the work book is a separate document. But, at the same time, it is not valid without a work book, it is an appendix to it. It is filled in only in one case: if there is no space for entries in the sections "Information about work" and "Information about awards".

If there is no space left for records, fill out an insert in the work book
If there is no space left for records, fill out an insert in the work book


Step 1

The insert in the work book must be issued by the employer.

Step 2

On the first page of the insert, the information about the employee entered in the work book is duplicated. Enter the last name, first name and patronymic in the appropriate columns according to the identity document. Specify the employee's date of birth. In the "Education" column, indicate the level of education. This entry is made on the basis of documents that confirm the receipt of education: a diploma or a certificate. In the column "Profession, specialty", enter the employee's profession, which is indicated in the diploma. If there is no occupation information, leave the field blank and write down the date on which the insert was completed. The date of completion is the date of the first entry made in this document. In addition, in the insert, as well as in the work book, on the first page you must indicate the name of the specialist responsible for filling out work books, a personnel worker, as well as his signature. the presence of a personal signature of the employee is required.

Step 3

Entries in the insert are made in the same way as entries in the work book. The numbering of the entries continues the numbering of the work book. The second column indicates the date of the entry. In the third column, a record of hiring, dismissing, transferring to another job, and redundancy is entered. At the same time, it is not allowed to make abbreviations, for example, replace the word "article" with "st." in case of justification of dismissal or reduction. The last, fourth column contains the name of the document (Order), in accordance with which the entry was made, the date of its signing and the number. Abbreviations are also not allowed in this column.

Step 4

When issuing an insert, it is necessary to make an entry on the inside of the cover of the work book: "Issued an insert", indicating its series and number. This operation is repeated each time the insert is dispensed. You should not make this entry before filling out the insert. If a mistake was made, the insert must be destroyed or corrected. There may not be room for a stamp on the issuance of an insert.

Step 5

Enter in the book of accounting for the movement of work books a record about the issuance of an insert with an indication of its series and number.

Step 6

According to the Instructions for filling out work books, the insert must be sewn (and not pasted) into the book, to which it is an addition. This is facilitated by the cover that the insert has. However, no guidance is given on how to do this. In most cases, the insert is sewn after the last page of the work book.

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