How To Issue A Duplicate Work Record Book

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How To Issue A Duplicate Work Record Book
How To Issue A Duplicate Work Record Book

In case of loss of the work book by the employer, loss by the employee or damage to the employee of the organization, it is necessary to issue a duplicate of the work book, in which entries are made according to the rules for maintaining work books on the basis of the submitted documents. A duplicate is issued within 15 days from the day the employee submits the application.

How to issue a duplicate work record book
How to issue a duplicate work record book

It is necessary

Employee's documents, forms of relevant documents, pen, company seal, organization documents, blank work record book, supporting documents


Step 1

An employee who has lost a work book must write an application addressed to the first person of the company, in which to express his request to issue him a duplicate instead of the original work book. The document must be personally signed by the employee and the date it was written. Having considered the application, the director of the organization, in case of a positive decision, puts a resolution on it with the date and signature.

Step 2

The head of the enterprise issues an order on the possibility of issuing a duplicate work record book to the employee instead of its original. Indicate the reason why the employee needs to issue a duplicate. This can be a loss, loss, damage to a work book. Give the document a number and date of issue. The director assigns responsibility for the execution of the order to the employee of the personnel department, who maintains work books. The ordering document is signed by the first person of the company, a personnel officer, indicating the positions held, surnames, initials. Put the company stamp. Familiarize with the order of the employee against signature.

Step 3

An employee who has lost his work book must submit documents from previous places of work, confirming his work experience. These can be orders for admission or dismissal, employment contracts, certificates on letterhead. These documents must be signed by the heads of enterprises and certified by the seals of the organizations.

Step 4

The order is sent to the personnel department, whose employees draw up a duplicate for the employee on the basis of the submitted documents. In a blank work book, write on the title page the surname, name, patronymic of the employee in accordance with the identity document, the date and place of his birth. Indicate the status of education, profession, specialty in accordance with the educational document. In the upper right corner, write the word "Duplicate". Calculate the total work experience of the employee before joining your job, write it also on the title page.

Step 5

In accordance with the submitted documents, enter the number of the ordinal entry, the date of admission / dismissal in Arabic numerals. If the documents indicate only the year of admission / dismissal, in accordance with the law, it is recognized as July 1, when only the month is written, enter the 15th day of the specified month. In the information about the job, write the fact of admission / dismissal, the name of the company, the names of positions, structural divisions. In the grounds, indicate the number and date of the supporting document. Each entry is certified by the seal of the organization, signed by the person responsible for keeping work books.

Step 6

Issue a duplicate to the employee, having previously recorded his number and date in the work record book, against signature. If the work book is damaged, on the title page indicate the phrase "A duplicate has been issued instead." The employee at the next place of work must present a duplicate, if possible, attach the original work document, if he has one.

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