How To Get Polish Citizenship

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How To Get Polish Citizenship
How To Get Polish Citizenship

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Poland is a state in Central Europe that has been a full member of the EU since 2004. Polish citizens have the right to visa-free travel in the EU countries, to long-term residence and work in these countries. Only persons falling under the Law on Repatriation can legally obtain Polish citizenship.

How to get Polish citizenship
How to get Polish citizenship


Step 1

The repatriation law came into force in 2000. It is in this law that the procedure for obtaining Polish citizenship by repatriates is described and the circle of persons who can receive a repatriation visa is determined. According to this law, a person of Polish origin can obtain Polish citizenship through repatriation. For example, if you have people of Polish origin or Polish citizens (mother, father, grandmother, grandfather) in your relationship up to the second generation, then you can become a full citizen of Poland. In addition, when applying, you will need to prove your basic knowledge of the Polish language, as well as familiarity with the traditions and culture of Poland.

Step 2

In order to obtain Polish citizenship through repatriation, you need to submit a package of documents to the consulate. First of all, you will need to submit an “Application for Polish Citizenship” completed in Polish. You must attach your passport, a copy of your passport, a birth certificate, a biography in Polish, documents confirming the absence of Polish citizenship and your civil status, as well as a photo with your application. In addition, any other documents proving your Polish origin must be attached to the application.

Step 3

With a positive solution to your question, you first get a repatriation visa, which is pasted into your passport. When crossing the Polish border, you will automatically receive Polish citizenship on the basis of this visa. Please note that persons who have acquired citizenship through repatriation are entitled to financial assistance, free attendance at Polish language courses and other social assistance.

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