How To Take A Day Off

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How To Take A Day Off
How To Take A Day Off

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Since 2004, such a concept as "day off" in the Labor Code has ceased to exist. Nevertheless, employees, as before, still have the opportunity to arrange an unscheduled day off.

How to take a day off
How to take a day off


Step 1

Overtime Compensation. Working on weekends or holidays, you can count on an additional day off on the day you choose or set by your superiors. In this case, work on the day off is paid in the standard, not double, and the provided time off is not paid. It is important to keep in mind that all this is possible only if the processing was official. You must be familiarized with the relevant order, which will indicate the number of employees involved, the dates of overtime work and the dates on which you will be granted time off. If you did not sign such an order, then it will be quite problematic to prove the fact of processing.

Step 2

After signing the order, you need to write an application for time off. Moreover, it is important to write this statement in the month when you had to work overtime. Otherwise, you risk getting double pay for work on the weekend, in which case you can forget about the unscheduled day off. In the document, indicate the reason why you should be given time off.

Step 3

You can take advantage of the time off within 10 days from the date of overtime work. If for any reason you were not able to take advantage of the time off, the employer is obliged to pay for your work on the day off, as it should, in double the amount.

Step 4

Wait for the order to be received, which will indicate a specific date when you can rest. Otherwise, a well-deserved time off can turn into unreasonable absenteeism.

Step 5

Day off on account of future vacation. If this year you have not yet taken a vacation, then you have the opportunity to take a few days off to solve personal problems. Subsequently, these days will be deducted from your vacation. To do this, write a statement on the provision of the required number of days in a specific period on account of the future vacation.

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