How To Issue A Work Book

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How To Issue A Work Book
How To Issue A Work Book
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The concept of "work book" appeared in our country in 1917. Since then, at the beginning of labor activity, every citizen of Russia has been issued a work book. This document contains the personal data of the owner, his position. Changes are made to the work book regarding the work of the employee.

How to issue a work book
How to issue a work book


Step 1

During the period of admission to work, together with the application to the personnel department, a package of documents regulated by labor legislation is transferred. The receptionist checks the documents, leaving the necessary copies for the employee's personal file. At the same time, the original work book is accepted for storage. An employee, when transferring a document for storage to the personnel service, puts his signature in the journal for accounting of forms of work books and inserts to them.

Step 2

During the period of employment, the employee may need to get his work book in hand. In this case, the person responsible for the maintenance of work books should rely on the Rules for maintaining and storing work books, making forms of work books, and providing employers with them. These Rules instruct the responsible employee to accept an application for the issuance of a copy of the work book, or provide a certified extract from the work book. The request for a copy is addressed to the head of the enterprise. Copies from the enterprise are issued to employees free of charge no later than three working days from the date of writing the application.

Step 3

On the day of dismissal (the last working day), based on article 62 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, the employee must be issued a work book. At the same time, a resigning employee should not declare a request for the issuance of a work book to him in writing or orally.

Step 4

On the last day of work, the work book is handed over to the employee personally. In the book of accounting of forms of work books and inserts to them, the date of issue of the document, the signature of the person who handed over and received the document is put down.

Step 5

If the employee refuses to accept the work book on the day of dismissal, or the reason for not receiving the work book in his hands will be the absence of the employee, the responsible employee of the personnel department is obliged to make a written notification. It should ask the resigned employee to appear in person to obtain a labor document. It is necessary to register the time and address of receipt of the work book. You should also clarify the consent of the resigned employee to send the work book to a specific address by mail.

Step 6

It is important to note that such letters are necessary evidence in court against an employee who decided to declare the delay in issuing a work book. The notice sent by mail relieves the employer of liability for the delay in issuing a work book.

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