How To Get Custody Of A Child For A Father

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How To Get Custody Of A Child For A Father
How To Get Custody Of A Child For A Father

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Guardianship is a form of placing minor children in a family until they turn 14, who were left without the guardianship of their own parents. At the same time, the duties of the guardian will include: raising the ward, taking care of his health, his property, as well as organizing his education.

How to arrange custody of a child for a father
How to arrange custody of a child for a father

It is necessary

  • - application for registration of guardianship;
  • - the consent of the spouse;
  • - passport;
  • - a copy of the birth certificate of the future ward;
  • - autobiography;
  • - characteristics from work;
  • - other documents.


Step 1

Write a special form for registration of custody of the child. This document can be obtained from the social welfare service or from an orphanage.

Step 2

Make several copies of the birth certificate of the unborn child under guardianship, or ask to make copies of documents for you in the institution where the minor is at the moment.

Step 3

Prepare a document that can confirm your wife's consent to the custody of the child. At the same time, you need to know that a very important point in this case is the fact that the original consent must be notarized.

Step 4

Find out all the information about the child's genetic parents. If they died, it is necessary to draw up documents that will confirm the absence of parents. For example, a copy of a death certificate - it is possible to get it at the registry office.

Step 5

Request a bank statement from your personal account. This document is necessary for reporting, the social welfare service must know all the information about your operations.

Step 6

Make an extract from your house book and several copies. These documents must contain a detailed description of your place of residence, as well as the place of residence of your unborn child.

Step 7

Prepare a certificate of 2 personal income tax. This form of the document will be able to reflect the whole reality about your earnings. In this case, it is necessary to understand that the social service must be sure that people who want to adopt a child will be able to provide for his future.

Step 8

Issue a testimonial from the place of work. If you served in the army, you can still get a personal testimonial at the military registration and enlistment office. It is this package of documents that can characterize you as a person.

Step 9

Write your personal story - an autobiography. Describe in it all the places where you worked, in what educational institutions you studied, where you served in the army, about your place of residence, about your achievements.

Step 10

Get written consent from the person you are looking for. This is necessary if the child is over ten years old. The interests of the child should be taken into account first of all, therefore this document is very important.

Step 11

Prepare a certificate that will confirm the child's health.

Step 12

Collect all certificates from medical institutions about your own health condition. It is imperative to obtain a conclusion from the neuropsychiatric, narcological, dermatovenerologic and anti-tuberculosis dispensaries.

Step 13

Refer all collected documents to the committee of guardianship and guardianship, which specializes in establishing custody of children.

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