How To Get Custody Of A Minor Child

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How To Get Custody Of A Minor Child
How To Get Custody Of A Minor Child

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There are situations in life when a child is left without parents, or they are deprived of parental rights. The state has to bring up such a child, and if there is an opportunity, they try to find him a guardian or adoptive parent.

How to get custody of a minor child
How to get custody of a minor child

It is necessary

  • - passport
  • - certificate of income from work
  • - medical certificate of health
  • - a certificate from law enforcement agencies about the absence of a criminal record
  • - documents confirming the availability of housing
  • - application to the guardianship authorities
  • - documents for the child


Step 1

To participate in the upbringing of someone else's child and to be responsible for him, it is necessary to take custody of him or to adopt him. This can only be done if he is an orphan or his parents have been deprived of parental rights.

Step 2

It is possible to become guardians only until the child reaches the age of 14, and after that it is necessary to issue guardianship without obligations. Guardianship can also be assigned over older children who have been declared legally incompetent by the court.

Step 3

To become guardians of a child, you need to contact the guardianship and guardianship authorities. This should be done within a month after determining the need for the appointment of guardianship. Otherwise, the upbringing of the child will be carried out by the state in special institutions.

Step 4

An adult of any gender can become a guardian, regardless of whether he is married or not.

Step 5

To make a positive decision from the guardianship authorities, you must provide there certificates and documents confirming your ability to raise a child. These include: certificate from work about income and position held; a medical certificate stating that you have no mental, infectious and other diseases that can be dangerous for the child; documents on the availability of housing in which the child can live; certificate of no criminal record. An autobiography of a potential guardian may be required. If there are other children over 10 years of age in the family, then their consent is required for their parent to become the guardian of someone else's child.

Step 6

After checking all documents for authenticity, the guardianship authorities decide on the possibility of guardianship. It should be borne in mind that the child's personal data - last name, first name, etc. remain the same, as well as the property of the child can in no way be transferred to the guardian.

Step 7

The maintenance of the child is not carried out by the guardian himself, but either on the personal funds of the ward or on an allowance allocated by the state.

Step 8

After becoming a guardian, it is necessary to report annually to the guardianship authorities, i.e. be under constant control. In the event of a complaint from the foster child, a special commission is appointed to deal with this issue and may appoint another guardian.

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