How To Draw Up Documents At The Enterprise

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How To Draw Up Documents At The Enterprise
How To Draw Up Documents At The Enterprise

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Correct paperwork is an integral part of correct paperwork. The current state of office work is such that in order to fully master all the subtleties of handling documents, it is required to complete special courses, while taking into account that documents are divided into many different types.

How to draw up documents at the enterprise
How to draw up documents at the enterprise


Step 1

Office work, for example, the personnel department of an enterprise, can differ significantly from accounting and management.

Thus, each department of the enterprise has its own documentation turnover, and, accordingly, the registration of such documents is presented with special rules for registration and accounting.

Step 2

The accounting system is arranged in such a way that part of the company's documents must be drawn up in accordance with the approved GOSTs, and the part that is in free circulation is drawn up at the discretion of the company's management.

Step 3

All documents received by the enterprise are registered in a special journal of incoming correspondence, a certain number (serial number) is assigned to the document, then it is addressed to the management of the enterprise, which decides its further fate. If the document contains specific requirements, is of any informational nature, then it is sent with a head visa to a specific person, either for execution or for information. If execution is necessary, the head, when signing a document, has the right to set a deadline for its execution, but not less than prescribed by the document itself. The contractor receives the document and signs in the journal of incoming correspondence for its receipt.

Step 4

Outgoing documents are also recorded in a special journal of outgoing documents with the assignment of a serial number.

Step 5

As a rule, all documentation is subdivided into documents of internal circulation and documents of external circulation, therefore, in production, two registration journals are entered for incoming documents and two for outgoing documents.

Step 6

Such an accounting system allows you to control the passage of documents, both outside the enterprise and inside it, as well as check the execution.

Step 7

Documents related to the activities of the enterprise, for example, orders for personnel, general orders are registered and accounted for separately. In general, many large enterprises practice a system of separate accounting of documents relating to specific departments and services, especially when each department has a corresponding person involved in office work.

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