Can I Drill On Weekends

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Can I Drill On Weekends
Can I Drill On Weekends

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According to Russian law, you cannot make noise, including drilling, at night. But what about when neighbors are actively drilling on weekends? And is it legal?

Can I drill on weekends
Can I drill on weekends

Silence law

Not every resident of Russia knows about measures to regulate violations, one way or another related to the peace of mind of citizens. The scope of any noisy actions is governed by the norms of the current legislation. The authorities of large cities have passed several laws to regulate the quiet regime, but they also apply at local levels. The possible noise limits are:

  1. from 7 am to 11 pm - 40 dBA.
  2. from 11 pm to 7 am - 30 dBA.

These restrictions were created specifically so that residents of multi-storey buildings could protect themselves from harmful noise. This also applies to visitors to kindergartens, schools and other institutions.

What actions are prohibited by law

Russian legislation limits the time during which citizens cannot violate noise boundaries or drill (the law is valid in Moscow and the Moscow region, Krasnoyarsk Territory, Khabarovsk and other cities):

  • on weekdays - from 10 pm to 8 am;
  • quiet hour in the afternoon - from 13 to 15 hours;
  • on holidays and weekends - from 23 to 12 hours.

Also, by law, it is prohibited to carry out repair work on weekdays from 8 pm to 7 am.

Noisy actions by law include the following:

  1. Television and radio broadcasting equipment, as well as musical devices, if they operate at high volume.
  2. Playing loud musical instruments.
  3. Work with pyrotechnics (except for the New Year's celebration).
  4. Scandals, speaking too loudly, whistling or singing.
  5. All repair work without exception.

If the peace of the people is disturbed, the offender can be punished according to the law.

Where to go if you do not comply with the law of silence

In the event that a person or the whole family is in a situation in which neighbors in any way disturb their peace, it is worth immediately writing a complaint about too noisy actions. However, it is best to first talk to your neighbors and try to negotiate.

It is necessary to file a complaint with the local administrative court, and after considering the application, it will make an appropriate decision.

However, before contacting the judicial authorities, you should try to contact the police department - to the local precinct or to the department of Rospotrebnadzor. You can also seek advice from the sanitary-epidemiological station. It is her employees who will be able to perform all the necessary noise measurements in the apartment, as well as record all the data in the acts. Then, in the case of proceedings, these acts can be submitted to the police or judicial office. True, as practice shows, noisy neighbors calm down after an ordinary conversation or after contacting the police.

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