How To Issue An Order For Work On Weekends

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How To Issue An Order For Work On Weekends
How To Issue An Order For Work On Weekends

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The legislation clearly stipulates the employer's obligation to provide the employee with rest days. These include weekends (1 or 2, depending on the length of the working week) and public holidays. It is possible to attract an employee to work on one of these days only with his written consent and by an officially issued order of the employer. Such work is paid for at least double the amount.

How to issue an order for work on weekends
How to issue an order for work on weekends


Step 1

In order to properly formalize the exit of an employee to work on a weekend, several documents will be required. First of all, fill out a written order from the head of the organization to call the employee on his day off. In the order, indicate the name of the called employee, the date of the call, his reasons and the method of compensation (this can be a double wage or a single payment with the provision of an additional day off on another day).

Step 2

Since it is impossible to call an employee on a weekend without his written consent, fill it out in a separate document. It is drawn up in free form, an indication of the employee's position, his full surname, first name, patronymic, consent to take up duties on the day off, an indication of the form of compensation for such work, as well as the signature of the person and its decoding are required. In some cases, consent can be affixed to the order sheet.

Step 3

Remember that some categories of workers (for example, disabled people, mothers with young children, etc.) may refuse to perform their work duties on weekends, therefore, if you need to call such an employee, then the line "About the right to refuse notified" must be present in the consent.

Step 4

On the basis of the order of the head and the written consent of the employee involved, fill out the order. An order is an administrative normative document that is created on the basis of decisions in order to solve the main production problems, therefore, for these documents, the requirement to be issued on an official letterhead is mandatory (in the case of government agencies, on a letterhead with a corner stamp).

Step 5

Orders have a name, so write in the center of the sheet “Order” in 14 point size, and below its name (usually begins with the words “about work in / about a call …”, etc.) in 12 point size. Make a preamble, which should end with the word "I require" or "I order", which is also written in the center of the line.

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