How To Obtain Citizenship For A Foreigner

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How To Obtain Citizenship For A Foreigner
How To Obtain Citizenship For A Foreigner

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It is not difficult for a foreign citizen to obtain citizenship. Someone needs to enter into a legal marriage for this, someone needs to emigrate as refugees. But there is a certain number of rules and procedures that must be followed in order to receive the coveted passport.

How to obtain citizenship for a foreigner
How to obtain citizenship for a foreigner


Step 1

Provided that a foreign national is married or married to a resident of the country in which he wants to obtain citizenship, a number of conditions must be met. One of them is that prior to obtaining citizenship, a foreign citizen must have been legally married with his spouse for at least 3 years. Moreover, in this case, he has the right to a simplified procedure for processing documents. To do this, he will need to attach a copy of the marriage certificate and a copy of the spouse's passport to the application for a change of citizenship.

Step 2

If a person is trying to obtain citizenship on the basis that he lives in the territory of a certain country, works there, pays taxes, he must have a number of additional documents. So, for example, every migrant, after a year of residence in the territory of the country of which he wants to become a citizen, can and should (if he wants to work without problems) obtain a residence permit. But you can apply for a change of citizenship in 5 years. If the foreigner does not have a residence permit by that time, then he will be denied further procedures.

Step 3

But in either case, it will be possible to obtain citizenship only if the foreign citizen undertakes to comply with the Constitution and, of course, the legislation of the country that will become his native country. This means that his sources of income must be legal, as well as the correct deduction of taxes to the state income.

Step 4

Another of the mandatory rules for changing citizenship is excellent knowledge of the state language. As a rule, this knowledge is checked by a certain exam, according to the results of which the degree of language proficiency is established. In addition, in a number of countries it is required to officially renounce the existing citizenship of another country. To do this, you must write a statement of renunciation of citizenship and refer it to the authorized body of a foreign state.

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