How To Issue An Order On The Work Schedule

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How To Issue An Order On The Work Schedule
How To Issue An Order On The Work Schedule

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Each enterprise should have a work schedule for employees. Heads of departments are engaged in its development. This document is approved by the order of the general director of the organization. To do this, you should use the form established in the company, but if this is not available in the company, you can draw it up in any form.

How to issue an order on the work schedule
How to issue an order on the work schedule

It is necessary

  • - documents of the enterprise;
  • - company's stamp;
  • - schedule;
  • - labor legislation;
  • - staffing table;
  • - documents of employees;
  • - order form of the form established at the enterprise.


Step 1

When drawing up a work schedule, it is necessary to be guided by the norms of labor legislation, which regulate the following. The number of working hours per week for each employee should not exceed 40. For pregnant women, workers with children under 3 years old, disabled children under 14 years old, employees under 18 years old and other categories of specialists prescribed in the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, 30- hour week.

Step 2

The work schedule of specialists of a particular department (structural unit) is approved by order of the director of the organization. In the "header" of the document, enter the full and abbreviated name of the company in accordance with the charter, other constituent document. Indicate the personal data of an individual if the organizational and legal form of the enterprise is an individual entrepreneur. Write the name of the city where your company is located.

Step 3

After the name of the document (it should be written in capital letters), indicate the number and date of the order. The subject of the order will be the approval of the work schedule of a particular department (service), write the name of the structural unit. The reason for drawing up the document will be in accordance with the production need or other circumstances.

Step 4

In the administrative part, write down the date of entry into force of the order. Assign the responsibility for the execution of the paragraphs of the document to the head of the service for which the work schedule has been drawn up. Verify the order with the signature of the general director and the seal of the enterprise.

Step 5

Indicate the positions, surnames, initials of each employee of a particular department. Familiarize them with the document. Employees should sign the order, set the date. Thus, they will express their agreement with the work schedule and the order on it. It should be borne in mind that employees should also be familiarized with the approved schedule, since their signature in the familiarization line in the order will not be enough.

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