How To Check A Plot Before Buying

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How To Check A Plot Before Buying
How To Check A Plot Before Buying

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When buying a land plot, there is always a high risk of falling into the networks of swindlers. The most common type of fraud in the real estate market is through cleverly planned land swaps.

Site check
Site check

According to many experts in the field of buying and selling real estate, in recent years, the actions of fraudsters have become more planned, which in turn means that the number of victims of land scams is constantly growing.

Most often, a naive buyer of a suburban land plot falls for the bait of swindlers in cases where they have not thoroughly verified the identity of the seller and the entire package of documents that are involved in the execution of the purchase and sale transaction.

It often happens that instead of the desired and supposedly correctly designed land plot, the buyer gets something completely different from what he expected. His property may well get a plot at a landfill, at a bus stop, in the immediate vicinity of some chemical plant, or just a piece of land among impenetrable swamps.

So how do you protect yourself? How to avoid falling into cleverly arranged networks of scammers who are real “pros” of their illegal craft?

We check the seller's identity and all documentation

An honest man has nothing to hide. This rule also applies to the seller of the land. The seller, who is not a swindler, will have nothing against if the buyer asks him to show his passport, which indicates his permanent residence and other important data.

Also, the buyer must request for verification documents relating to the land plot itself, which must contain all the necessary information: the address of the object of sale, cadastral number, a certificate of the absence of arrests and encumbrances, a document on which the real area of ​​the plot is indicated.

In addition to all this, the seller must provide a certificate of state registration of the land plot with all signatures and seals. By checking this certificate, the buyer will have an idea of ​​the purpose of the land. So, if the document indicates that the site belongs to the category of agricultural land, you should know that the construction of any residential buildings on it is prohibited.

Internet to help

In order to be completely sure of the authenticity of the data on the land plot provided by the seller, you need to visit the website This resource belongs to the Office of the Federal Service for the Registration of Real Estate Objects and all the necessary documents are stored in its database.

By clicking on the menu item "Public Cadastral Chamber", the buyer can check the data contained in the seller's documentation: actual address, real area, configuration and location of the land plot. It is also necessary to study the map available on the site, since it indicates all objects located in the immediate vicinity of the land plot.

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