How To Legally Cash Out Maternity Capital

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How To Legally Cash Out Maternity Capital
How To Legally Cash Out Maternity Capital

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For several years now, the Russian state has been providing material support to families with several children in the form of maternity capital. At the same time, the methods of cashing it out are strictly prescribed by the state.

How to legally cash out maternity capital
How to legally cash out maternity capital

Ways of cashing out maternity capital

Since 2007, the opportunity to receive maternity capital has appeared for all women who have given birth or adopted second and subsequent children. In the event that for some reason a woman loses the right to state support, it goes, in fact, to the father or the adoptive parent of the children.

No matter how much young families would like to acquire maternity capital in cash, they can legally use it only in cases of buying or building real estate, that is, to improve housing conditions, as well as to pay for the education of children or invest in a maternity pension.

There are a sufficient number of companies offering their assistance in the quick cashing of capital, you should not trust them, because, for the most part, their actions are contrary to the law and are fraudulent.

In the event that the family has decided to build or reconstruct an individual house on its own, then when confirming the rights to land ownership and construction, it gets the opportunity to issue funds from the maternity capital. At the initial stage of construction, 50% of the capital is paid, after completion - the rest of the amount.

Recently, the method of buying out real estate from close relatives has been quite popular and short-term in terms of payment. In this case, the family receives the amount of maternity capital in its hands.

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