In What Case The Child Can Be Taken Away From The Mother

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In What Case The Child Can Be Taken Away From The Mother
In What Case The Child Can Be Taken Away From The Mother

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The reason for the separation of the child and the mother can only be very good reasons. This happens most often through the courts, and, unfortunately, this procedure is quite common. The legal aspect on this issue is regulated by the Family Code of the Russian Federation.

When can a mother be taken away from a child?
When can a mother be taken away from a child?

Who and for what has the right to take the child from the mother

If the mother voluntarily does not want to give up the children, then the issue of separation from the child is always resolved through the courts. Depriving a child of maternal attention negatively affects the child's psyche. The younger the child, the more difficult this process is. Therefore, in most cases, the judges are on the side of the mother, despite all the secondary indicators.

Children are left to live with their mother, even if the father or other persons applying for living with the child prove material superiority or more comfortable living conditions.

It is almost impossible for a respectable woman with good intentions to sue a child.

Lawsuits on this topic mainly take place between parents, ex-spouses, where the father wants to get the right to live with the child, or even completely deprive the mother of parental rights. The closest relatives, grandmothers and grandfathers can also be plaintiffs if they believe that the mother leads an immoral lifestyle and is not worthy of this title, which the court will convince.

There are situations when there is no one to intercede for the child, there are no close relatives, and the mother is dysfunctional. Guardianship and guardianship authorities come to the rescue, they act on behalf of the state. First, civil servants follow and watch over a dysfunctional family. If, in the course of checks, the mother's poor-quality performance of parental duties is confirmed, then the question arises of depriving her of parental rights and separating such a mother from her child. In such cases, it is an extreme measure, which, in the first place, protects the interests of the child.

Other reasons for separation from children

Situations may arise when no one wants to take the child away from the mother and it does not reach the courts. After a divorce, parents can mutually agree on who the child will be with. If the living conditions with the father, in the opinion of the parent, are better for the baby, then she can voluntarily give up her primary rights to raise the child.

According to the laws of our country, children over 10 years old can decide for themselves with whom it is better to stay. If the case has gone to court, in such cases, on the basis of the child's opinion, it is decided to whom the child leaves.

Another reason is the incapacity of the mother. This decision is made by the court, and subsequently the child lives separately.

In any case, all movements in the area of ​​separation between mother and child are unpleasant, but if a woman wants to be with her baby, then they are practically unsuccessful.

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