How Maternity Capital Is Paid For Twins

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How Maternity Capital Is Paid For Twins
How Maternity Capital Is Paid For Twins

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The issue of obtaining maternity capital has always worried young parents, but in order to receive cash benefits for twins, a whole list of documents may be needed.

Maternity capital for twins
Maternity capital for twins

Those parents who have not one child, but two at once, experience a double joy. At the same time, young couples realize that the hassle and costs are doubling. This is where maternity capital can be a good help for parents.

Features of issuing maternity capital

Most parents mistakenly believe that they give out maternity capital twice when adopting or giving birth to twins. In fact, this is not the case. Such large cash payments are legally issued only after the birth or adoption of a second child and only once. This means that a woman who adopts or gives birth to twins or triplets receives only one certificate issued by the pension fund.

Back in 2013, these cash payments were equal to 408,960 rubles. But this amount, like other social payments, is indexed every year. This means that in 2014 the amount of maternity capital is already 430,000 rubles.

What are the conditions for obtaining maternity capital for twins?

Those who want to receive a cash payment for twins upon adoption or birth must follow some rules. First, a woman applying for this lump sum must be a citizen of the Russian Federation. Moreover, a woman should have these documents in her hands when adopting or giving birth to babies.

The kid for whom it is planned to issue maternity capital, accordingly, must also be a citizen of the Russian Federation. A document that confirms the citizenship of the child can be obtained immediately after the birth of the baby.

Secondly, twins must be born or adopted no earlier than early April 2007.

Registration of all necessary documents is carried out according to the rules established by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

To apply for a cash benefit, parents of twins must provide documents according to the following list:

- two birth certificates for twins;

- mother's passport confirming her citizenship;

- mother's application for a certificate.

This list is considered basic, but it can be supplemented by local authorities in the regions.

In some cases, instead of the mother, the father of twins may also receive a certificate for receiving cash benefits. Children who do not have parents can also get a certificate, but this must be done before they come of age.

Those parents who have triplets can issue a certificate in the same manner. At the same time, the mother has the opportunity to receive a regional and federal certificate at the same time.

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