How To Pay A Fine For Losing A Passport

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How To Pay A Fine For Losing A Passport
How To Pay A Fine For Losing A Passport

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The passport is the most important document that not only confirms the identity of the owner, but also gives him certain civil rights. This document is necessary throughout a person's life, and every citizen must keep it carefully. In case of loss or theft of a passport, you should immediately inform the department of the FMS of Russia.

How to pay a fine for losing a passport
How to pay a fine for losing a passport

As a rule, for the improper attitude to the passport, the administrative responsibility of the citizen is provided in the form of a fine in the amount of 100 to 300 rubles. The exact amount of the fine depends on the nature of the owner's explanation. To obtain a new passport, you must contact the migration service dealing with the affairs of the passport regime. Directly the application is drawn up at the passport office at the place of registration of the citizen. After that, you will need to fill out the necessary forms and pay according to the receipt for the restoration of the passport, as well as collect the relevant documents that facilitate the identification of the citizen. The issuance of a second passport is carried out after one month from the date of filing an application with the FMS.

What to do if your passport is stolen

Sometimes it happens that the loss of a passport is not at all due to the careless attitude of its owner, but due to the theft of this document. This means that in this case there is no fault of the citizen himself and, accordingly, there is no need to pay penalties for the loss of a passport. In order for the consequences of theft to be minimal, a person must visit the relevant authorities as soon as possible and report the incident.

Such actions are necessary to prevent the use of this document by criminals with malicious intent. In addition, a person does not have the right to live without a passport on the territory of the country, since this fact is a violation and subsequently leads to punishment in the form of a fine. Thus, a quick appeal of the victim for help minimizes his costs. The final decision on the collection of a specific amount of penalties is made directly by the body before which the question of imposing such a penalty arises.

What to do if you lose your passport without registration

If the passport was lost by a citizen who does not have registration, then in this case, you should know about the procedure for restoring a document without registration. First of all, you need to visit the department of the Federal Migration Service and fill out an application for a new passport there. It is worth considering that if a citizen was issued a lost document in the same department, then he will receive a new one within 10 days from the date of application. If the passport was issued in another department of the FMS, then the period for obtaining it is increased to two months. It should be noted that while a new document is being drawn up, a person must have a temporary certificate of a citizen of the Russian Federation on hand.

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