How To Draw Up A Technical Passport

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How To Draw Up A Technical Passport
How To Draw Up A Technical Passport

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A technical passport is a document that reflects the layout of an apartment, the location of doors and windows, length, width, height, construction volume, basic materials from which the building is made. The interior decoration of the building is also often prescribed.

How to draw up a technical passport
How to draw up a technical passport


Step 1

The technical passport of an apartment or other visit is drawn up by employees of the Bureau of Technical Inventory (BTI). If you need a new passport, submit an application to the BTI addressed to the director to conduct a technical inventory and issue the necessary documents.

Step 2

Prepare the papers necessary for the inventory, namely: a document confirming your right to own this living space (certificate, registration certificate, contract, etc.). If you inherited an apartment, you will need to provide a death certificate of the previous owner of the property and documents confirming the rights of inheritance. If you have purchased an apartment in a newly built building, you will need to obtain a permit to put the building into operation and a certificate of assignment of a postal address to the building. You may also need design documentation if the construction of the building has not yet been completed.

Step 3

Pay the required amount for carrying out the inventory according to the issued payment document. This can be done at any branch of the savings bank of Russia. In different cities, the service for drawing up a technical passport will cost from 800 to 900 rubles.

Step 4

Allow the commission to inspect the premises and draw up a document that will reflect all its main characteristics. The terms for the provision of this service vary from 10 days to 1 month, depending on the type and size of the premises. Based on the results of the work, you will be given the original technical passport.

Step 5

You will have to draw up this document even if you have made a significant redevelopment in the apartment. If this is not done, difficulties will certainly arise when selling an apartment and other actions. After receiving a new official technical passport, register the changes made with the State Registration Agency.

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