How To Issue A Technical Passport

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How To Issue A Technical Passport
How To Issue A Technical Passport

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Nowadays, we often have to deal with the registration of documents for real estate. A technical passport is required for all transactions with real estate objects, and its timely and correct execution is a fundamental factor in the further processing of documents for your property. In our country, the Bureau of Technical Inventory (BTI) deals with the registration of technical passports.

How to issue a technical passport
How to issue a technical passport

It is necessary

  • 1. Title documents for real estate (Certificate of ownership, Certificate of inheritance, Agreement of donation, etc.);
  • 2. Passport;
  • 3. Power of attorney (if you are acting under a power of attorney).


Step 1

Contact the Bureau of Technical Inventory of the location of the real estate. Depending on the complexity of your situation, they will ask you to provide title documents for the object. These may include a Certificate of Title, Certificate of Inheritance, or other documents. You will also need a passport. In case you are acting under a power of attorney from someone, you will need a notarized power of attorney for paperwork.

Step 2

Agree on a time for the technician to visit your property. You may be offered a date according to the schedule of a visit by a technician to your area in accordance with the regulations of the BTI. If you need urgent registration or you cannot wait for the arrival of a technician from 9:00 to 18:00, then you will be offered to make a visit to the technician on your own (i.e. bring him to the facility by your car or taxi) at a convenient time for you …

Step 3

Pay for the receipt that you will receive at the Bureau of Technical Inventory before the arrival of the technician. He will require you to provide him with a receipt for payment when leaving the facility. After making the necessary measurements of your property, the technician will tell you the date when your technical passport will be ready. For different real estate objects, there are different terms for the production of technical passports. On average, this is from two weeks to a month. There is also an urgent paperwork, but the amount of payment on the receipt will increase.

Step 4

When you come for the documents on the appointed day, do not forget to take your passport, otherwise you will be refused a technical passport. Be sure to carefully read the document, pay attention to the address, the name of the owner of the property, technical characteristics. If you have any questions, solve them on the spot so that you do not come back in the future to correct the information in the document.

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