How To Urgently Issue A Passport

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How To Urgently Issue A Passport
How To Urgently Issue A Passport

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A situation often arises when the need for a passport arises spontaneously and urgently. In this case, a fair desire is born to solve the problem at all costs. Know that there is a way out, but you need to take into account all the "pitfalls" that may await you along the way.

How to urgently issue a passport
How to urgently issue a passport


Step 1

Please note that sometimes the timing of the production of a passport does not actually correspond to the one prescribed in the law. According to the norms, this is 30 days from the date of submission of documents. This discrepancy is especially noticeable in the summer, when the number of those wishing to obtain a passport increases significantly.

Step 2

During this period, with the standard approach, you will need more than two months. Well, if you have complications in the form of a criminal record, lack of a work record book or work with admission to state secrets, then feel free to add fourteen more days to these deadlines.

Step 3

Be aware that the law provides for special circumstances in which you are required to produce a passport within three working days. The following cases, undoubtedly documented, will be taken into account:

1. You or someone you are accompanying requires an urgent trip abroad for a medical operation.

2. You need to cross the border due to the fact that a relative is seriously ill there, or he died.

3. You have a need to transport your body outside the country.

Step 4

They will not accept as special reasons such as a last minute ticket, a fixed-term contract, and some others. What to do and how to speed up the process of making a passport in such cases? Here, intermediary legal organizations will come to the rescue, which undertake the registration of passports in a short time.

Step 5

Remember, there are really a lot of nuances, and who, no matter how experts, should be entrusted with their solution. For a fee, they will help you - with filling out, preparing the necessary documents and overcoming some other obstacles. Thanks to their business connections, the time required for obtaining a travel document is significantly reduced. But there are factors that, even with this approach, affect the timing of obtaining a passport.

Step 6

Consider if you really need a biometric passport. Its production will be delayed, even in the case of cooperation with intermediaries. This is due to the complexity of its production. An old-style document will not take so much time, since in this case you only need to enter information about the owner and stick a photo. In addition, it is not difficult to add information about your children to such a passport. This is not provided in the biometric version.

Step 7

Please note that living outside the place of registration is another obstacle to urgently obtaining a passport. The law says that in this case, you will receive a passport only after four months.

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