How To Make Money On Avito

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How To Make Money On Avito
How To Make Money On Avito

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Today, almost every second person at least once looked for an opportunity to earn additional income, and such that it did not interfere with the main one.

How to make money on Avito
How to make money on Avito

Today, the Internet with its unlimited possibilities is ready to provide an opportunity for additional earnings. One option is Avito's classifieds site, where you can not only buy but sell anything you want. But how does it work?

Beginning of work

As with any other sites, you must first register on Avito. During the registration process, you must link a phone number and email address to your account. Since the basis for the site is not only ads, but also financial transactions. Therefore, it is important to have with you not only an email address and phone number, but also a wallet in one of the electronic payment systems. It can be WebMoney, Qiwi, YAD or something else. For more convenience, it is recommended to have several e-wallets.


So, registration has been successfully completed, now is the time to start making money. To do this, you must have with you some things that will be ownerless, but which have a price for other people. It is clear that the absence of such things will not allow you to start making money on the Avito website. In this case, you can first buy things cheaper on Avito, and then sell them. But let's start from the fact that there are unnecessary things, and they can be sold.

How to start making money?

In order to start making money on Avito, you need to complete 3 steps. Why exactly three?

  1. Correct presentation of the product being sold. For a correct presentation, you need to take several detailed photographs of the item being sold. The more photos there are, the better. This will relieve the prospective buyer from doubts that the product is defective or fake.
  2. The second thing is a good description. In the description of the product, it is necessary to mention all the information available about it, and this information should be not boring and as original as possible, so that the prospective buyer has an interest in the thing. In reality, the correct description and presentation of the product is a real art that needs to be learned.
  3. And the third is the adequate, reasonable and correct cost of the goods. An important point - you cannot invent the cost of a product yourself, because the price may be too high (and then things will not find their buyer), or too low (and then the product will be sold, but practically for a penny).

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