How To Make Money From Travel Stories

How To Make Money From Travel Stories
How To Make Money From Travel Stories

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Many people love to travel, but few think about how to make money on it. Travel stories can generate little income, including passive ones. In a few months you can save money for a new trip.

How to make money from travel stories
How to make money from travel stories

Can you make money from stories about your travels? Sure you may!

There are several ways to do this and provide yourself with a small passive income.

Start a travel blog

Blogging has become the most popular and widespread way to make money lately. There is a serious competition between the authors of blogs and not everyone will be able to withstand it. This method cannot be called earnings without investments, because you have to spend time and effort (not only to publish material, but also to advertise a blog). There is a significant disadvantage to this earnings, other bloggers will gladly borrow material. Unscrupulous authors take screenshots of photos, rewrite articles and pass off the material as their own. They are difficult to calculate, and even more difficult to protect your rights to images. It is better to put watermarks that cannot be removed with a photo editor or other program.

Travel blogs are changing audience size because of seasonal interest. In order not to lose the audience, it is worth telling funny and curious cases from travel, your impressions. It is important to make original publications that will differ from the blogs of other authors, otherwise you will not be able to withstand the competition.

Videos are watched more often than articles are read. That is why it is worth starting several blogs on different platforms (also a group on social networks), publications can be done on the same topics.

Share your impressions in reviews

There are websites that pay for reviews of hotels, carrier companies, cafes and restaurants. Some pay for city and sightseeing views. You can write reviews on them and earn money, reviews will bring passive income (reviews are read, authors are rewarded). Review sites have their own rules that must be followed.

There are sites that pay rewards solely for negative reviews and stories of tourist failures.

Write and sell articles

Some travel agencies, airlines and websites pay tourists for travel articles. Only materials about travel abroad are in demand; so far, no one is interested in impressions of Russian cities.

Publications about travel in Russia can be put up for sale on the content exchange. Freelance sites may have orders for travel articles.

Making money in photographs

If there are photographs, then you can participate in contests. If you post pictures in photo banks, you can earn a little money on them. Photos are often downloaded by bloggers who write about travel, but they themselves do not leave their city.

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