How To Make Money For The Author

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How To Make Money For The Author
How To Make Money For The Author

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Text writers, writers - how do they make money? What is the secret of success and good money? Writing, in fact, is a real work, and although there are now many who want to make money in this field, only a few achieve good circulation and royalties.

How to make money for the author
How to make money for the author


Step 1

The main rule is to act. Even if you have something amazing at your disposal, a real masterpiece "in your pocket", no one will know about it if it just gathers dust in a drawer or in a distant folder on your computer.

Step 2

Start an online diary and post your stories there. Frivolous for many "lytdybr" for someone becomes quite a successful launching pad for reaching the masses. People "wander" on different sites, and if the content seems interesting to them, the author immediately has a lot of fans. "Narodnaya glory" from visiting the site by a large number of people is the first step towards widespread popularity. If your creations are interesting, fans will find their author, and sponsors will follow them.

Step 3

Write texts and articles to electronic and paper magazines. Many sites offer freelance authors to make money on various articles - educational, entertainment or educational. If you have favorite themes, this is a good way to make a name for yourself and get some money. Lively style and narration with humor and “zest” will attract the attention of new customers.

Step 4

Do not be afraid to distribute your texts in all available ways. Any copying of intellectual material is prohibited, and if you have the original files or drafts, a case in court in the fight for authorship will bring you victory. Russian judicial practice already knows many examples when a writer was admitted to be right, and he was entitled to substantial compensation.

Step 5

If you are the author of a large, monumental work, novel or book, hire a literary agent, enter into a contract with him and start sending copies to publishers, editorial offices and literary houses. The shortest way to start earning money as a writer is to act and introduce your works to as many people as possible. Go for it!

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