Pros Of Being An Author On KakProsto Website

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Pros Of Being An Author On KakProsto Website
Pros Of Being An Author On KakProsto Website

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There are several indisputable advantages of being an author on the KakProsto resource. Moreover, these advantages are mainly of a material nature, although there are other non-obvious advantages from this work on the site. In addition to making money, you can hone your writing skills.

Pros of being an author on KakProsto website
Pros of being an author on KakProsto website

Dream of becoming an author

More and more people dream of becoming a writer or being the author of their own blog, sharing experiences with other people and bringing benefits to society. However, many are stopped by the lack of experience, the fear that "nobody needs my advice", the inability to correctly "submit" the material and optimize it for search engine queries. Working as an author on the site KakProsto helps to overcome these limitations and gives you several undeniable advantages of a financial and intangible nature.

Material pros to be an author on this site

The first plus. Resource KakProsto pays a fee to authors for each published article in the amount of 40 rubles. 5 articles published on the site will bring you 200 rubles - the minimum amount for withdrawal.

The second plus. You can hone your writing skills by giving feedback on the products and services you use in your daily life. Resource KakProsto will pay for each published review with a fee of 20 rubles.

Third plus. As an author of articles and reviews on KakProsto, you will earn 50 rubles for every thousand views of both. This is already passive income of prolonged action. The more articles and reviews you publish on the site, the higher this type of earnings will be.

Fourth plus. It's not as obvious as the first three pluses of being an author on AsEst. The fact is that the accountant of the site pays 13% tax on your remuneration. You can order a 2NDFL certificate at the end of the calendar year and use it to receive property deductions or reduce your expenses for tuition or treatment.

Perhaps these four financial benefits will allow you to generate additional income, even if you never dare to get your own blog or website.

Intangible benefits of authorship on KakProsto

The first plus. As an author who has just started writing, and not only dreams of it, you gain valuable writing experience that may be useful to you in the future. The very structure of adding articles and reviews on the KakProsto website teaches you to express thoughts in simple words, select high-quality photos, make links to videos, highlight the advantages and disadvantages of what is described in the article or review, and avoid plagiarism. These are copywriting skills that other people - not the authors of KakProsto - get at specialized paid trainings, you get free of charge through the feedback of the editors and moderators of this resource.

The second plus. The authors of the site KakProsto simultaneously acquire the skill of optimizing their materials for key queries. This happens by observing which articles and reviews of yours bring more views, which articles are written by other authors on this site, through communication on a closed Vkontakte group for authors KakProsto.

Third plus. You get to know other authors of the KakProsto resource, you acquire the necessary contacts that have no less dignity than material advantages. Who knows how and when these acquaintances can be useful to you.

Fourth plus. You will empirically learn the most popular topics, requests and questions, answers to which are looking for Internet users. Gradually, you will find your own thematic niche as an author writing for others.

When you decide to create and maintain your own author's blog, all these skills and advantages of a non-material nature will help you immediately start as a successful author writing in-demand and necessary materials.

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