How To Make Money For A Writer

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How To Make Money For A Writer
How To Make Money For A Writer
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Unfortunately, writing is not a profession and, more often than not, a source of stable income. What should those who can only do writing do? Write articles and advertisements, as well as translate.

How to make money for a writer
How to make money for a writer


Step 1

You can write not only books, but also letters, articles, advertising texts and brochures, commercial offers. Being a writer means you have a talent for transforming and communicating information, whatever it may be. Therefore, the first thing a writer should do is to think about which particular area he would like to write in.

Step 2

There are many print and online publications of interest. These can be magazines about cars, as well as blogs about movies or music. Find several such publications on the Internet and offer them your services. Perhaps they just need an author. As a portfolio, you can offer them what you have ever written so that the editors can evaluate your level, or write something just for them.

Step 3

A writer is a creative person. Such people are often lacking in advertising agencies. Try to get a job in one of these agencies as a simple copywriter. It is possible that with your talent, you can quickly make a career and make money.

Step 4

You don't have to do copywriting or advertising in the office. This can also be done at home. Many of these employees work remotely. The way of working can be agreed with the advertising agency itself. You can also search for one-time projects on freelance sites.

Step 5

If you speak foreign languages, you will be able to make money on translations. It is very important for a translator to be fluent not only in a foreign language, but also in Russian. You can find such a job both in the office and at home. Send your resume to the translation agency. If you have a translator's diploma, you will find a job without problems. if not, you will first have to gain experience on one-off projects, which can be found on job exchanges for freelancers and thematic sites for translators.

Step 6

Many writers complain that they find it difficult to sell their books. If you are among them, think: maybe you just didn't do it actively enough? Submit your books to all well-known publishers and literary magazines. It is possible that you will be noticed, especially if you are writing books on hot topics or those genres that sell well.

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